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We would like to share some new content & features planned to be available in the upcoming CBT 2! A.V.A Dog Tag development team is working very hard in preparation for CBT 2. There are various new additions and changes made from our latest CBT 1 and we wanted to share just a couple of such changes to keep you up-to-date with A.V.A Dog Tag development.

New Map: Dual Sight

- Available as both; Demolition & Team Death Match mode

- General map layout & overall structure remains similar to its original counterpart with main changes being graphical update as well as space rearrangement.

Custom Channel

- Custom channels will be available for various use; including, but not limited to, Esports matches and Streamer-viewer custom games.

- Custom channels will grant you the option of choosing from a list of maps, modes, and other miscellaneous parameters including number of rounds and players allowed.