It is with excitement that we share our first official Patch Notes (V1.0) scheduled for the upcoming OBT Launch!

We’ve seen some major changes throughout our closed testing phase. Our primary focus was to listen to user feedback and investigate each area to potentially bring about change that would improve user experience in game.

Thanks to our community members and core testers, we’re thoroughly finalizing OBT preparations.

Let’s check out what we can expect to find in the upcoming OBT!


  • All weapon modifications now impact weapon handling, distance, and damage more effectively.
  • Rifle Man & Point Man Aimpunch has been significantly reduced
    • Equipping [Standard Armor] will further reduce Aimpunch at the cost of damage absorption
  • New Smoke Grenades have been added to the game
    • M18 Blue – Low density; longer duration; slow expansion
    • M18 Red – High density; short duration; rapid expansion
    • T13 Smoke – Normal density; impact fuse (expansion upon contact)
  • New Utility Grenade has been added to the game
    • AN-M14 – Incendiary spread upon contact
  • Smoke Grenade visual effect has been reworked to improve overall usability
  • Weapon balance changes
    • SA58 Para recoil system has been changed
    • OTS-14 Groza recoil system has been reworked


  • New Menu Options added
    • Vertical & Horizontal sensitivity
    • Team X-ray vision toggle on/off [Default: P]
  • Changes to [Sprint] physics
    • [Sprint] now properly initiates while strafing
    • Mouse sensitivity during [Sprint] now remains the same
  • Battle Status Board changes
    • Damage done/received will now only be displayed upon death or once the round is over
    • Added environmental damage description to Battle Status Board (ex. fall damage)
  • Weapon model POV changed
    • General weapon model size has been reduced



  • Primary weapons:
    • Pointman: 5 SMG, 1 Shotgun
    • Rifleman: 9 Assault Rifles
    • Sniper: 5 Sniper Rifles
  • Secondary Weapons:
    • All Classes: 6 Pistols
  • Grenades:
    • All Classes: 2 damage grenades, 4 smoke grenades, 1 flashbang, 1 incendiary
  • Armor:
    • Standard Armor: Low absorption, Low durability, reduces aimpunch effect
    • Large-Caliber Armor: High absorption, Medium durability, reduces movement speed
    • Anti-Charge Armor: Medium absorption, High durability, reduces movement speed

Mode & Maps:


  • Clan System:
    • Clan creation, application, moderation, and search function available
    • Clan system details can be found HERE >
    • Clan Mark custom image upload (In-app purchase)
  • Arena System:
    • Ranked matchmaking based on rating point (RP) accumulation through matches won
    • Personal Arena RP is reset (soft-reset) at the end of each season
    • Arena tiers can be found HERE >

Bug Fixes:

  • Smoke Grenades:
    • Fixed in-smoke silhouette visibility issues
    • Fixed an issue where enemy player’s name was visible through smoke
  • Tick Rate:
    • Modified game coding which seemed to have been impacting tick rates
  • Environmental Clipping:
    • Removed ladder-drop sound queue when walked down (does not affect jumping off ladders)
    • Removed prop interaction sound queues
    • Fixed incorrect sound queues resulting from walls, steps, edges, etc
    • Fixed irregular character interaction with breakable props (consecutive bounces, screen shakes, etc)
  • Irregular visibility:
    • Fixed an issue where certain areas within various maps would allow character shadow to be seen through the ground/prop