Final Closed Beta!

Earlier this year, we’ve started out on this amazing journey with only a handful of core testers and operatives supporting us during Alpha phase. Throughout these recent months, we’ve successfully conducted several testing phases and have built up our community to a number just shy of 10,000 members.

It is now time for us to prepare for our Final Closed Beta Testing which will be scheduled for mid-January 2019. Exact dates will be announced to you through a separate posting.



Closed Beta Test- South America & South East Asia

Closed Beta Test is scheduled to take place from October 19th until 22nd. Servers will be open 24-hours during the CBT schedule. If you are residing in either South America or South East Asia and have not yet applied for the CBT, please apply for your CBT access below! Selected Testers will receive an email with Beta Access Key on October 18th.


OCTOBER 04, 2018


A.V.A: Dog Tag teaser video

Alliance of Valiant Arms prepares its return as A.V.A: Dog Tag.


JUNE 26, 2018