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This is where the battle takes place. Choose to fight head on against your opposing faction in an all-out Team Death Match or engage your enemy to either defend against a demolition attempt or successfully bomb their key structures.




A cargo plane of EU Intelligence crashes somewhere in the vicinity of the city of Yazd, located in central Iran. The NRF knows that the airplane in question was carrying weapons of mass destruction, and intends to capitalize on this political opportunity once they obtain the hard evidence. A small EU force scrambles to the crash site to control the situation by destroying any and all such evidence.



A secret drug factory was discovered, operated by the Russian mafia and disguised as a private villa.  Located on the Mediterranean in Northern Cyprus, it's in part of the Turkish Republic. Its purpose is to create and supply drugs to Western Europe. Due to political reasons the EU cannot send in a large military force so instead it is decided to dispatch Team 702, a special organization, to destroy this secret NRF factory.

Team Death Match


A squad of NRF agents who infiltrated Rosina, a slum located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has succeeded in stirring up the general discontent of the region - the rabble is rioting. Unable to afford the loss of the pro-EU Brazilian government, EU deploys a team of commandos to neutralize the NRF threat in the region. However, it is apparent that something more sinister than a riot is brewing.



EU took Germany back successfully and started to approach Czech. The NRF already prepared a line of defense inside Czech to fight off the EU. EU's attacks are targeting NRF's antiaircraft missile storage.

Team Death Match


One of NRF's high ranking officials asked for political asylum from the EU. EU accepted this and was deployed to Channel Archipelago Island. However, the NRF knew of this plan and decided to ambush the EU. EU and NRF were both deployed at opposite ends. There are many obstacles and routes to the other side.

Team Death Match


The EU Intelligence Agency dispatched a special unit engaged in battle in a nearby city. The special unit received orders to eliminate NRF-affiliated Spetsnaz Special Forces who were occupying the dock to secure an escape route, and to thoroughly investigate the dock and all ships.

Demolition / Team Death Match


Successfully recapturing Germany, EU force starts attacking Czech Republic. NRF has set up defense base in Czech’s industrial area and fights back fiercely. EU launches attack on NRF’s main strength, an Antiaircraft Missile Silo.



Recapturing most of central Europe, EU force starts marching into Bulgaria. NRF’s armored forces is resisting strongly. EU’s superior air support is ineffective against unpredictable weather conditions and fierce antiaircraft defense. EU sends in special elite units to blow up strategic points and break through NRF defense.



EU Intelligence uncovers the presence of a VX nerve gas, a potent chemical weapon, in a manufacturing facility disguised as a crude oil mining and storing site of a multinational corporation in the city of Jaisalmer, India. The EU command center dispatches a special unit to the site to stop the production of VX. An intense battle erupts as the EU commandos lay siege to the facility.