[ Mode Description: ]

  • Hog Mode is a brand new free for all game type where players fight to collect dog tags that drop when someone is killed. Player with the most dog tags win the match.

[ Special Features: ]

  • New skill introduction: Stealth (Gauge filled via kills & stealth duration in accordance to the amount of gauge bar filled prior to use)

  • Fast paced gameplay encouraging early/mid-game kill accumulation to allow more opportunities for Stealth usage.

  • Due to the high frequency of engagements in Hog Mode and the usability of the new Stealth skill, players can expect to experience high tension gameplay where anyone can come out on top at the end of the match.

  • Solo (FFA) & Duo (teams of two) modes available

[ Stealth Details: ]

  • Stealth skill can be used by filling the Stealth gauge through kill accumulation where each kill will award 2sec worth of Stealth duration when used. (Max duration: 15 sec)

  • Movement during Stealth will allow 80% invisibility whereas being stationary during Stealth will allow 100% invisibility.

  • Sprint speed is increased by 30% of base sprint speed per class during Stealth.

  • There is a delay on weapon fire at the start of and the end of Stealth skill.

[ Goal: ]

  • Dog Tags will drop from enemies that are killed. Players can pick up dropped Dog Tags to accumulate the number of Dog Tags in possession. Players will lose half of the total number of Dog Tags accumulated upon death.

  • Dropped Dog Tags will be displayed in different color scheme to identify their quantity range

  • Players are also able to manually drop Dog Tags in their possession to draw enemy players’ attention.