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Director’s Comment

A.V.A: Dog Tag Development director engages in direct communication with our community!

“Wide variety of weapons allowing users to find and master specific weapons that match their play style and preference”

- Director of A.V.A: DOG TAG

Alliance of Valiant Arms was originally designed as a First Person Shooter which emphasizes on special warfare taking place between regular armies expressed through cooperation on the scale of squads. We wanted to deliver well-balanced realistic visuals whilst focusing on the overall gameplay experience. Alliance of Valiant Arms had always offered wide variety of weapons that allowed users to experience the pleasure and freedom in finding specific weapons that matched their play style and preference.

A.V.A: Dog Tag was founded upon facing the reality of how Alliance of Valiant Arms had become heavier in terms of system as well as content over the course of a decade causing the game to become impersonal and complicated. In A.V.A: Dog Tag, we strive to revisit the core elements which made Alliance of Valiant Arms unique and fun to play while boldly removing any areas in which gameplay experience was either altered or complicated needlessly. We wanted to simplify the overall experience but, at the same time, immerse users with a wide range of compelling and distinct weapons to choose from.

Our priority in development of A.V.A: Dog Tag was to maintain/enhance its distinctive engagement style. A.V.A: Dog Tag’s gameplay, on average, is situated in close-quarter environment where different class-specific weapons act and react uniquely to a given circumstance. Situational engagements would benefit specific classes or weapons over others which would promote utilization of space, class, weapons, and weapon attachments. Combined with different types of armor, A.V.A: Dog Tag offers a unique gameplay experience compared to other FPS games; allowing access to extended engagement sessions to heighten the sense of player immersion in-game.

We hope that everyone participating in our CBT will enjoy all of the changes prepared for you by the development team. Please remember to provide us with your feedback throughout the CBT.

Ever since the start of this journey with you from Closed Alpha last year, we have always kept our doors open for your ideas and thoughts regarding changes made from one phase to the next. Let’s continue to make A.V.A: Dog Tag into a great game together!


Fixed an issue with magazine replacement weapon modification not granting extra bullets per magazine.

We are aware of several bugs found in parts of maps where character-interaction was irregular. We will continue to fix such bugs as an on-going effort to improve gameplay experience.

Fixed an issue where aimpunch(crosshair displacement) would sometimes cause crosshair to not be aligned with the original position.

We are aware of a bug with the shotgun firing two rounds at once when shot whilst reloading.


Unreal Engine 3 is susceptible to script injection threats. In consideration of any potential threats, we are continuously working towards countering forced script injection.

V-sync was removed from the game option allowing users to experience smoother gameplay experience. While offering higher refresh rate support. (example: supprting 144 hz monitors)

There is a known issue where you are able to see through parts of the map while spectating another player. This is currently specific only to spectate mode and we are working towards fixing it in the near future.

We are aware of discrepencies found when spectating players and will continue to work on fixes.

We are aware of several clipping issues and are working towards fixing them. Please continue to submit reports related to ingame clipping.

There is a known bug where team X-ray vision would sometimes randomly display enemy silhouette through the map.

We have changed the way character models interact with each other when collided in order to reduce body blocking.

Fixed an issue with FOV force change upon death.

There is a known issue where ingame chat window can only be scrolled up/down using PG UP and PG DOWN buttons. People using certain laptops or smaller keyboards without PG UP and PG DOWN are currently unable to scroll through ingame chat window. We plan to look into fixing this in the future.

Fixed an issue where minimap ping system would sometimes display inaccurate ping locations.

There is a known issue where reserved magazine would lose bullets upon a [full spray -> reload] action. We are working towards fixing this bug as soon as possible.

Fixed a bug where armor, helmet, weapon animation behavior was irregular.