Dev Note: OBT

Over the past several months, A.V.A: Dog Tag has gone through several closed testing sessions with users from all over the world. Many of our testers have shared their thoughts on various parts of the game including, but not limited to, weapon modifications, overall balancing, maps, and mode structure.

It has been an amazing journey to be able to work together with our dedicated community members to mold A.V.A: Dog Tag into a game that our users feel is a great game to play!

In preparation for our OBT launch, we’ve sat down with our core testers once again to improve the overall weapon handling experience for our users along with several other in-game related matters.

[ In this Dev Note, we would like to review some key changes made to the OBT build: ]

  • Weapon Balancing Changes:
    • Outside of recent closed beta testing, we’ve also conducted a private testing with selected core testers to look deeper into weapon mechanics, recoil, and their relationship to other weapons & armors alike.
    • We’ve made changes to how customizable parts impact the way weapons work in the game. Majority of custom parts have been modified to provide significant impact to how the base weapon handles.
    • One of AVA’s flagship weapon, [SA58 PARA], has undergone significant changes according to core tester feedback and have had its recoil, bloom, and consecutive tap fire-ability changed.
    • We’ve seen various feedback regarding the aim displacement (aimpunch) effect when hit throughout the testing period. Through numerous discussions with our core testers, we’ve reduced the overall effect of aimpunch for Pointman and Rifleman but have kept reasonable amount of aimpunch for Snipers in consideration of class balancing. Furthermore, new armor type has been added (Standard Armor) which helps to suppress aimpunch effect enough to the point of eliminating aim displacement for Rifleman class at the cost of damage reduction efficiency.

Notes: We’ve received very positive feedback from our core testers regarding above changes and are considering continuation of such modifications down the road.

  • New Systems Added:
    • We’re introducing three featured systems in OBT; Clan System, Arena Ranking System, and Daily Match System.
    • Clan system was designed as an in-game community divisible into small, medium, and large groups. Users can create their own clan to invite other players or join one that is pre-existing. Finding or creating a clan with a shared common goal is a great way to further enjoy gameplay in A.V.A: Dog Tag.
    • Arena is a seasonal rated matchmaking ranked system where users can play matches that will affect their personal rating points which will primarily be used to place them into corresponding skill groups. This is a great way to show off your individual skills to other players.

Notes: Our focus with introduction of these new systems is to provide our users with the right motivation and its corresponding rewards based on activeness and fair competition.

  • New Contents Added:
    • Find out new weapons, items, and other content being added to the upcoming OBTPatch Notes >