New Map & Weapon in OBT!

We would like to share with you about a new map and a new weapon being introduced in OBT. We have recreated Cannon which is a map previously loved by many people! You will also find a new addition to the arsenal, Sako Rk.95!

New Map: Cannon (Demolition)


EU needs to destroy the AA batteries of the call box used to call in an aircraft to carry cargo away, or they are required to destroy the warhead itself. The NRF needs to stop the EU from achieving their objective.


We’ve significantly changed the visual properties of our map, Cannon. Previously enclosed areas within the map has been modified to provide more of a realistic feeling in accordance with the theme and location of Cannon.












New Weapon: Sako Rk.95 (Rifleman)



Sako Rk.95 is based on the AK-47 design. This assault rifle possesses high vertical recoil compared to its AK-47 counterpart but has less horizontal spread. Sako Rk.95 is an excellent choice for those with exceptional aim & recoil control.